Palazzo Poste in Verona is reborn.

Knowing how to meet customer needs, in a new residential initiative.

It was in the roaring twenties, when Ettore Fagiuoli, the architect of the Bank of Italy headquarters in Via Cordusio in Milan (in collaboration with Broggi and Nava) and the Verona Duomo bell tower added in 1927, designed what later went down in history as "Palazzo Poste", one of the city’s most architecturally important buildings in Piazza Francesco Viviani, in the very heart of Verona.

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Caleido is a partner in the initiative organised by the Milan Contract District which, with its offer of exclusive products and services, has been able to meet customer needs, by means of an integrated process of study and solutions that has made it possible to reposition a building of great value and history on the market, starting from interior design.

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The large and spectacular Salone degli Sportelli, set within the residence, hosted the inauguration of the new marketing initiative of Palazzo Poste, with a special event entitled "restART", to pay homage to the rebirth of the structure beginning with its ancient link with the arts.

Indeed, for the occasion, Giorgio De Chirico's 1926 work "La Commedia e la Tragedia" (The Comedy and the Tragedy) was exhibited, and Caleido has created a scenographic installation of pure design, where warmth and light meet and translate into the exclusive and unprecedented project, “Stilus”, by Giuseppe Bavuso.