design by Giuseppe Bavuso

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design by Gabriele & Oscar Buratti

Ottolungo Slide Home

100 / 1000 Righe

design by Gabriele & Oscar Buratti

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design by Giuseppe Bavuso

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A collection capable of continuous updating, in line with the demands and trends of the market, starting from its strengths, such as the curvature of the aluminum. Caleido, in collaboration with the same designers to whom it is addressed, reinterprets the radiator as an element that is not only technical but first of all architectural.

100 RIGHE 1000 RIGHE




Showroom Virtual Tour

A new face is revealed in the showroom to capture the attention and taste of customers and architects, the public of Caleido. We invite you to discover here our virtual space in line with the most current needs.


Caleidoscopio accompanies you in the world of Caleido, revealing the beauty and complexity that revolve around each individual product, enhancing its quality. Caleidoscopio is a mix of stories, news and events about the multi-faceted aspects of a vital heat source.

Caleidoscopio Radisson C0

Caleido warms up the Radisson Collection Hotel, through its rooms of the Palazzo Touring Club, in Milan.

Caleidoscopio Ottolungo Wall Ada N0 C

Caleido's Ottolungo Wall design by Gabriele & Oscar Buratti has won at the ARCHIPRODUCTS DESIGN AWARDS 2021

Caleidoscopio Demo C1

DEMO. A courageous idea. The permanent showroom is hotel-based.