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Caleido is celebrating its 30 years in business by recounting, through a gallery of video portraits, the vision of the international designers with whom it has cooperated and the production processes that have made the company a symbol of Italian excellence.

CALEIDO Portraits

Showroom Virtual Tour

A new face is revealed in the showroom to capture the attention and taste of customers and architects, the public of Caleido. We invite you to discover here our virtual space in line with the most current needs.


Caleidoscopio accompanies you in the world of Caleido, revealing the beauty and complexity that revolve around each individual product, enhancing its quality. Caleidoscopio is a mix of stories, news and events about the multi-faceted aspects of a vital heat source.

Caleidoscopio Reginadicuori Ch

Caesar by Caleido for “Queen of Hearts”

Caleidoscopio Calvi Brambilla Cv

Calvi-Brambilla firm chooses Caleido for an ambitious new interior.

Caleido Awparis 2023 X Caleidoscopio

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