INFINITO by Marco Piva is a combination of beautiful aesthetics and technological performance. A line, a curve, a T shape: three distinctive signs in which the elegance of minimalist architecture encounters functional efficiency.

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INFINITO is a flexible, modular heating system, with elements capable of building a new stylistic code. The Marco Piva Studio is behind the design of this radiating system, skilfully transformed into an architectural alphabet with endless combinations. INFINITO is a way of creating relationships: between wall and floor, between warmth and texture, between vertical and horizontal. Modularity is the heart of the system of this radiator. Parallel horizontal bars that enter the wall with the elegance of a perfect curve. Mimetic and charismatic vertical segments that conduct warmth from earth to sky.

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CAESAR TOWEL BAR. The fruit of Caleido Lab's research, the Caesar radiator with its fine brass finish with chrome highlights is a distinctive sign of timeless elegance. Caesar is the icon of Caleido's towel warmers, a heating element with a modular structure that ties the simplicity of the linear sequence of tubular elements with the detail of spherical joints that echo the art nouveau style. A necessary retro touch that charismatically and elegantly enriches the aesthetics of any setting. The novelty is the Caleido Towel Bar: a single element with dry electrification that effectively combines the aesthetic and stylistic strength of Caesar with thermal comfort thanks to a fully optimised spot heating effect. This completes the majestic Caesar family with functionality and decorative flair. Proposing a solution that eliminates the vertical upright, generating an unprecedented opening and indicating another way of interacting with accessories and towels.

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DINAMO COLONNA, pure verticality accompanied by prestigious finishes in brass or steel. The fruit of Caleido Lab's design research, Dinamo Colonna has joined the Dinamo family, enriching its minimalist aesthetic choice of purity of line and action.

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